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Importance of a high quality business card


Importance of a high quality business card

Despite all the technological advancements, business cards are still irreplaceable. It seems that no amount of automation is going to take their place. Most company officials keep some cards in the pocket and hand out the cards when shaking hands with the potential client. Cards come handy to promote business during a trade fair, seminar, or a business meeting.

Business cards are part of the branding exercise that marketers take up to beat the competition. The cards do not merely hold contact details such as email address, phone number, website address, and others. Smart strategists turn the cards into impressive designs. The design speaks favourably for a business. Every design element like colour, typeface, space, image, and logo, etc. has its planned use in the card for the desired impact.

For clients and general customers, business cards are a window to peep into a company’s possible quality of products or services. The importance is evident from some glaring facts. According to a study, an overwhelming 72 per cent of the people form an opinion about a company based on the quality of its business card. So it’s evident that the card can make or break your business. You will lose many customers if the card paper is too thin and its design fails to impress them.


01. Ease Of Giving Contact Details

A reason for business cards still in circulation is that they deliver contact information with ease. A company’s contact information is vital to clients. All of your contact details such as email address and phone number are available on the card. The recipient can put the card easily in a wallet or office drawer. These cards thus come handy in finding out a company’s details quickly.

Some digital devices such as iPhones and Android phones can send information to another phone. But that happens only when the other device is compatible. Not all of your potential customers may have compatible phones. That makes these cards essential for all businesses.


02. Give A Personal Touch

When handing out a business card, clients do not merely get the contact details. A lot of handshakes go with exchanging these cards. Both the parties give thanks and greet each other. Moreover, they spend a good time while talking and connect well. They share their contact information through the cards in a friendly environment. This warmth helps in building a relationship with a client.

However, do not forget that the quality of the cards matters. While personal warmth in sharing the cards is necessary, their quality material and design remind the clients of your professionalism. A prominent speaker & author on startups and economic development, Beth Ramsay advises to use metal as a material to create the cards. He says, “Metal business cards are a good investment, especially if you were to meet Magneto. He would have no other choice but to be attracted to you.”


03. Make A Quick First Impression

Every seriously conducted business must grab the attention of its target customers. People’s attention span is already increasing due to many distractions. Therefore, instant first impression on a target audience becomes all the more essential.

An attractive and well-thought-of business card design catches the eye and builds a favourable impression of a business. A company logo, tastefully displayed company details, use of the right brand colours and typeface surely give the card a professional look. It makes a brand recognisable for customers.


04. Turn Them Into Direct Marketing Tools

A modern custom business card is a direct marketing tool. While search engine optimisation, email marketing, and other marketing methods fetch leads and potential clients, still business cards are more effective. This is because of the in-person meeting that goes with sharing of the cards.

When you happen to meet a potential lead anywhere including at airport lounges and industrial conferences, just give your card to them. Just have some cards always in your pocket to hand out them to prospect directly wherever you find them.


05. Make Your Business Referable

Business cards should also mention what skills you or your business possesses. Giving your company name and contact details are not enough. If your card lets the recipient know about your extra skill, it helps create referrals. The recipient person can refer your business and skills to someone who is looking for those set of skills. This is important that you come across with people from a variety of backgrounds. They can refer your business to others.

But first, make sure that your card design is good enough to compel referrals. So, hire competent graphic design services provider who can create the desired impact from the design. Use the elements of colours, text, images, and logos wisely to convey your brand message effectively. If the card recipient is impressed, your chances of getting more referrals go higher.


06. Building Trust

Because of a highly competitive market environment, customers must have trust in a company and its products. If they do not have faith in the offerings of a company, they will just buy. Business cards can bridge that trust deficit to some extent.

Since there is a lot of warmth and personal greetings exchanged when sharing the cards, it helps in building a fair amount of trust. Moreover, a professional graphic designer knows how to incorporate colours etc. in the card design to evoke trust. A card design that appears as organised speaks well for the business.


07. Turn It Into Your Networking Tool

Most businesses happen virtually in today’s digital world. This has helped in expanding the network of companies tremendously. You can make virtual contact with hundreds of people through emails etc. quickly. But this eliminates the chances of meeting customers personally. There is no alternative to the face-to-face networking that has been the proven conventional method of building relationships.

Business cards play a significant role in creating opportunities. They help increase sales due to the power of personal networking. Remember that with a solid networking plan, your business can build a true brand identity. Business cards help significantly in creating a chain of personal relationships.

So, these are the key reasons for businesses of all scales that they should use the power of business cards for their growth. But the results will depend on your ability to explore the cards’ potential in building your network. These are undoubtedly great marketing tools if you can make them as part of your overall marketing plan.

Article source: Design Hill