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Say No To Rightmove

Say No TO Rigtmove

Say No To Rightmove

SayNoToRightmove is an organisation set up with the aim of giving agents a unified voice and encouraging them to stand up to Rightmove, in whichever form works best for their business. Whether that is outright leaving or taking less of a stance with them. They have currently managed to get over 1,750 agents already signed up with more coming in each week.

With over 3,000 agencies in their database who are still on Rightmove, 90% are strongly considering leaving, and 9% are planning on leaving at the end of their contracts.

While some are lucky enough to have not had their hand forced by the recent Coronavirus situation, 10% of there members have already left following Rightmove’s recent tone-deaf response to the pandemic. Find out more about how they have poorly managed the situation by visiting their news page: www.saynotorightmove.co.uk/latest-news

Rightmove depends on estate agents for its very existence, and yet is able to command 75% profits (one of the highest profit ratios in Europe). It has over the last five years generated over 700 million in profits (after tax), making it one of the biggest monthly outgoings after staff for most of these agents.

This has not been the end of it though, in the coming weeks they will increase there charges to the full tariff, to find out more visit there post on the article and learn more about if “Rightmove will make the right move”?

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