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SSL Certificates

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SSL Certificates

You know the little padlock symbol you see in your browser bar? That shows whether a website is secure. It technically means the website has an SSL certificate. (If you’re wondering, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer – Bet you’re glad you asked.)

If you’re storing any personal data on your website, you absolutely must have an SSL certificate. This encrypts transmission of the data. In October 2017, Google implemented the second part of its plan to label any sites without an SSL certificate as non-secure.

So even if your site only has a contact form, unless it has an SSL certificate, your visitors might get a nasty warning. That will probably freak some people out, so it’s best to take action today.

Ask us to add an SSL certificate to your site, this can be as little as £49.99 per annum depending your hosting package with us, or your third party hosting arrangements.