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Bil Sha Boxing Club

Bil Sha Boxing Club

In early 2022, Bil Sha Boxing Club emerged as an ambitious startup in the heart of London. Their vision was to create a premier sports facility that would not only promote boxing as a means of fitness and discipline but also foster personal growth among its members.


Founded by our long-term client Bilat Shaista there was only one place for Bil to come for his initial branding and marketing requirements.


As a new startup, Bil Sha Boxing Club faced several challenges in establishing itself in a competitive market:

  1. Brand Identity: Starting from scratch, the club needed a compelling brand identity to differentiate itself and resonate with potential members.
  2. Online Visibility: With no existing online presence, the club required a professional website to showcase its offerings and attract a broader audience.
  3. Physical Impact: Creating an impressive shop frontage was essential to catch the attention of passersby and encourage potential customers to step inside.
  4. Initial Exposure: Generating awareness and publicity about the club’s launch and early events was crucial for gaining momentum.
  5. Effective Communication: An efficient communication channel, such as email campaigns, was essential to keep potential members informed and engaged.


We took on the challenge of building Bil Sha Boxing Club’s brand from the ground up. We provided the following solutions to get the ball rolling for BSBC.

“Hey guys – I announced the brand today and got instant calls from people! One word – everyone absolutely loved the logo and the branding (I didn’t expect anyone to say anything less of it)… Always appreciate your hard work, guys, and hope to keep building our firm working relationship even more”


Bilat Shaista