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16 Incredible Christmas Decorating Ideas

16 Incredible Christmas Decorating Ideas

We love the festive feeling like to start decorating the first weekend in December to make the most of it.

However, it can frequently feel daunting when you have a property to decorate both inside and out. Let’s be honest: It’s another Christmas-related pressure we could do without!

So, how can we decorate our homes for the holidays without wasting time or money!?

You can use these Christmas decorating suggestions.

Let’s get started and make your home seem amazing this holiday season. The following covers everything, from planning to specific objects like the tree and the dining table, allowing you to decorate to your own budget and style.


16 Incredible Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Know What Decorations You Have and Make a Plan for Your Christmas Decorating This Year

Making a list of everything you have is always an excellent idea, as is taking pictures.

Then, while it’s still fresh in your mind, you can cross out anything that has broken or needs to be replaced when you take everything down.

This tells you how you can benefit from the January bargains by making any necessary purchases early.

If you still need to get a list, start one this year. You won’t regret it. It pays to plan ahead with decorations.

Once you are aware of what you have, planning where it will go (and consequently, whether it is all necessary) is the next stage.

Consider carefully where things will go before even beginning to get the step ladder out.

Then decide how much decor you want in each space after deciding which rooms you want to decorate (typically, these will be the social rooms and perhaps a few decorations in the kids’ bedrooms as well).

What will be the most effective if you only have a few decorations?


2. Less is more!

Keep in mind that you don’t need to use excessive amounts of decorations to make a stunning impression at this time of year.

First, concentrate on the areas of your home where you will be socialising. Instead of a lot of small items that will just end up cluttering the space, think about adding one or two key pieces that will really make a statement.

The tree should probably only be in one room; otherwise, it will draw attention away from this.

You could hang a garland over the fireplace or the stair bannisters, or you could put all of your Christmas cards up on one wall. Whichever option you choose, it will look lovely and make the space feel just the right amount of festive.


3. You Don’t Have To Go Over Your Budget

By the end of the previous year, you should have a list of the decorations you already own and be aware of those that need to be repaired or replaced.

When you buy decorations after Christmas to take advantage of the January deals, you should always do this immediately; however, if you haven’t done that, don’t go overboard with your spending.

Spend less or buy fewer things, but keep to what you can afford and stretch it as far as you can.


4. Pick a colour scheme or theme and stay with it

Having a theme for your decorations will make them look fantastic, tie each space together, and allow you to use them in various places throughout time for variety.

Try keeping two or three colours so you can decide what will and won’t be a good addition when you see new decorations.

TIP – Any colour scheme for a room will look good with neutral silvers and golds. Additionally, because these hues are ageless, you are less likely to tyre of them over time and need to buy a new set.


5. Keep Scale in Mind When Selecting A Tree

Measuring the space before you go shopping will prevent you from purchasing a Christmas tree that is too big for your house. Include both width and height.

Trees always appear much smaller while they are outside or in large stores, but if you choose poorly, they may all too easily take over your home (similar to when you go sofa shopping and discover that it won’t fit in your home despite appearing to be very little in the shop).


6. Can You Make Rather Than Buy?

If you do a little bit of DIY Christmas decorating, you might be surprised and happy with the results (not to mention the price!).

A pine cone or three make a stunning arrangement that looks great in many places in your home over the holiday season. Collect pine cones and spray them with fake snow.

Or, for a more organic and rural Christmas touch, how about having a look at how to make your home look Bohemian?


7. Go fake versus real.

Decide if a fake (artificial Christmas tree) will work just as well for you this holiday season or if you need or desire a real Christmas tree.

Modern fake Christmas trees look fantastic and can save you a tonne of money over time (but make sure you have a place to store it first!).


8. Purchase one item annually as opposed to all at once.

Of course, some things fail and need to be replaced. Still, we’re thinking of small things like buying a new ornament for the tree every year (wonderful for the kids to select a unique one as they create memories) or bigger things like a lovely Christmas wreath (helpful for spreading the cost over the years).

A beautiful tree that hangs on the wall was a gift one year, and the following year we received artificial greenery that was either trailed up the stair bannisters or pre-lit and placed around the fireplace.

In this way, you can purchase the things you really want without feeling as though you are going broke.


9. Clean your home before hanging your holiday decorations.

A thorough cleaning may be the last thing you want to do before you start your Christmas decorating, but trust us, it will be worthwhile.

Consider this. Most people leave their decorations up for about a month, and when they are up, they can cover a lot of surfaces.

Due to this, cleaning these surfaces for the twelfth of the year is practically impossible.

When taking them down, things will look better and feel more effortless if you clean everything beforehand.

We’re sure you want to avoid having to clean right after Christmas!


10. Add Fresh Touches With Plants

Live plants are an excellent way to decorate and bring beautiful foliage to the home easily. Traditional flora like poinsettias, eucalyptus, or (of course) a live pine tree could be used.


11. Before hanging lights, make sure they function

Make sure the tree lights are in good working order before you attach them to the tree. We only want to attach the fairy lights or string lights to the tree once a year.

Since they aren’t already up around the house—whether it’s a Christmas tree, draped around the bannister or mantelpiece, etc.—they are considerably simpler to deal with.


12. Get the kids involved in the decorating

Getting the kids engaged is a great tradition, regardless of how much you want them to be involved. (If this sounds like you, then why not get a tree for the kids to do and a “grown up” tree for you! We’re referring to the iconic FRIENDS episode when Monica lets everyone decorate the tree, then turns it around to expose the side she has decorated wonderfully.)


13. Dedicate a day to decorating and establish it as a tradition

A common way through our office is to go tree shopping in the morning, pick up any decorations we might need along the route, and then start decorating while Christmas music is blasting.


14. Use objects in unconventional ways.

What about using a glass jar filled with ornaments as the focal point of a table or mantelpiece decoration?


15. Remember The Outside, Too

Don’t overlook the house’s exterior when decorating; adding lights greatly impacts this time of year.

Utilising battery-operated lights on trees is a great idea as you can set a timer for them so that they automatically turn on and off. At the front of the house, it created a great focal point.

Looking for inspiration, have a look at our Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations


16. Replace Christmas-themed items with ones that are typically used.

We all have decorations in our houses all year long, so adding MORE decorations for Christmas may feel crowded and overdone.

A great Christmas decorating idea is making minor adjustments, replacing a few items rather than adding more. This results in a change in appearance and less cleaning required!

You could replace the following items:

  • Candles – A Christmas candle with particular Christmas scents can be a lovely and easy way to add Christmas cheer or spirit to your home. 
  • Cushions 
  • Artwork 
  • Candles
  • Signs
  • Welcome runner and mat


Let us know if this helped you, or if you have any additional points you feel could help people during the winter season…